Our Mission

  • Introduce JCI-York products of AC as an alternative to other existing systems and save electricity consumption by 40-50%.
  • Import and introduce alternative energy product equipment, like solar, wind, and thermal. It will also promote and market new electrical gadgets that are less consuming of electricity.
  • Offer and maintain high technical operating and after sales services.
  •  Apply the best and up to date installation and maintenance techniques.
  • Technical and professional support to supervisory engineers, contractors, electro-mechanical specialists.
  • Ongoing workshops, training courses, pamphlets, and hosting international specialists for training and after sale services when needed.
  • Build and maintain a respectful company image; professionally and financially that will enable the company to be a serious competitor at the local and international markets.
  • Research and decide upon items brands, services, prices etc. and supply the market with best available products within acceptable and competitive prices.