Where Do We Work

Our distributors in various Governorates

Eng. George Khoury
Email: technical@solarpark.ps
Cell : + 970 568 220 222

Eng. Zahi Riyad

Email: zahi.riyad@solarpark.ps

Cell: +970 568220822

Eng. Ahmad Asmar

Email: ahmad.asmar@solarpark.ps

Cell: +970 562120120

Tareq Abed Al Kader Qawasmi

Email: tareq.qawasmi@solarpark.ps

Cell: 009702 545790837

Our working Teams:

To deliver its promise of best services, the company develop a working strategy that covers all working stages; starts from systems design, installation, operating, and after sales services. The teams consists of engineers and technicians. All together we have 9 engineers and 21 technicians operating in all Palestine governorates including Jerusalem.

The company supply all working teams with the best equipment and gadgets to implementing and operate professionally.

  • Eight cars
  • TD 02 (fife service checkers)
  • Tester checkers
  • Fife Cover welding machines
  • Air flow testers
  • Temperature testers
  • Software system analysis (temperature, pressure, and system operating check)
  • Comprehensive tools and machines; compressors, grinding disks etc.