Fan Coil Units


Johnson Controls YORK® fan coil units are ceiling mounted, wall mounted, cassette mounted, and floor ceiling, high air flow, high static pressure air conditioning terminals. They are designed, developed and tested considering the tough weather conditions of the Gulf and their reliability makes them an ideal solution of year round air conditioning, heating and ventilating requirements.

Fan coil units are designed and manufactured to the high standards that are expected of a product from Johnson Controls, having an up to date style and advanced structure. They are highly efficient, quiet, cost effective, safe, and reliable and offer ease and economy in installation.

Fan coil units high air flow fan coils are available in 7 models, for customers to choose from for standard or district cooling applications, with multiple row types for each model (the 2 pipe system has 3, 4 and 5 rows and 4 pipe system has 3+1 and 4+1 rows).


Low noise level

  • Units have 3 fan speeds and operate very silently. Sound data of the units at all three speeds are available
  • Whisper quiet comfort condition results in satisfied occupants.

Large range of sizes

  • 7 different sizes with 3 and 4 rows coils both in standard and district cooling applications to closely match load requirement and provide dehumidification
  • Better control over comfort conditions results in satisfied occupants

Compact size and low height

  • Height is restricted to 390 mm Higher ceiling heights result in optimum comfort to occupants

High static fans

  • Units can work up to 160 Pa ESP
  • Covering high ESPs makes unit compatible for longer duct works

Easy installation

  • Threaded brass connector is provided for easy piping Connection. Drain and purge valves are provided on all units to Assist in commissioning
  •  Reduce installation and commissioning cost.

Easy maintenance

  • Filters from units can be removed from any direction. The motor Blower assembly can be easily removed for servicing at different Locations.
  • Filters can be cleaned easily and frequently causing healthier Comfort conditions.
  • Cooling coil is easily accessible.
  • Lower maintenance costs.


  • Motors are internally protected with UL recognized components.
  • May qualify for lower insurance premium.
  • CE mark units are available as option.
  • Valid for sales in EU countries with this option.