Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility:

  • Abides by the rules prevailing in Palestine concerning the recruiting of workforce in terms of wages, increments, holidays and other special benefits such as work compensation
  • The company is committed towards preventing any type of discrimination that is based on gender, origin, color and religion.
  • Solar Park Company is committed to employ people above eighteen years of age, in addition it strongly emphasizes this point with all company dealers and contractors.
  • The company advocate environment conservation practices, thus all issues related to air pollution, noise level and waste management is well taken care of.
  • Safety measures for protecting the employees are part of the work policy; this includes using safety masks, gloves, special gowning, in addition to availability of emergency kits with company working teams.
  • Sponsors training seminars for engineers and company workers, thus committed to human resource development for higher quality and safer work management.
  • Committed to deliver our customers with best available products, quality control, and after sales technical support.