Four Way Cassette




Quiet operation : New irregular helix design fan blade enables the indoor unit to run at lowest sound levels
Standard built-in high head drain pump : Up to 700mm drain head creating the ideal solution for perfect water drainage
Fresh air inlet except for 5.8/7.1/8.0kW : Pre set fresh air inlet can introduce the outside fresh air into the room and greatly improves the indoor air quality, preventing a “seek building syndrom”.
Branch outlet except for 2.8/3.6/4.5kW : 1 or 2 branch outlets for flexible and better air distribution
Advanced structure facilitating installation and maintenance – 90° rotation suction grille – Random installation direction
Real compact design for 2.8/3.6/4.5kW : The panel dimensions are 700x700mm and the unit dimension is 570x570mm. Small footprint provides ease of installation
Wired controller is standard


Product Details