Air Handling Units (AHU)



As data storage and protection needs grow, so can costs and complexity. That’s why having the right partner makes all the difference. With more than 140 years of experience in building efficiency and construction, YORK® air handling and chilled water cooling systems can be found in hundreds of data centers and critical performance facilities across the world. Whether traditional or modular construction, new construction or retrofit, or any level in between, our integrated systems approach delivers the optimal data center solution — reliable, efficient, cost-effective — to maximize performance and provide ultimate uptime.

Advanced Efficiency

As the leader in innovative air-cooled and water-cooled solutions, you can be certain a precision-engineered YORK® system will cut costs, reduce your carbon footprint and provide rock-solid reliability. And because we’re the only provider with expertise in both chilled water and air handling systems, we can provide a single point of responsibility for managing the design, delivery, commissioning and ongoing service of the entire system. The end result is a complete system that provides sustainable, high-efficiency cooling and air management.

• Airside economizer systems from our Ruskin ® brand provide airflow control using dampers to bring in cool, outside air ahead of systems that require more power
• Airside energy recovery utilizes the highest efficiency components for the transfer of energy when free-cooling from our water-side or air-side economizer systems are not an option.
• Complete fan systems optimize wire-to-air efficiency throughout the entire system versus specific parts.
• Purpose-built coils are engineered and assembled by YORK® specifically for chilled water and direct expansion (DX) environments where the evaporator is in contact with the air stream.
• Evaporative cooling technologies can provide cost-effective cooling as a supplemental or primary source where water resources are readily available.
• Filtration systems designed for data centers help keep critical components clean with minimal pressure drop, increasing efficiency.
• World-class YORK® air handling laboratories allow for extensive, ongoing research and development while providing unmatched, multi-variable performance validation.


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